makeup for the bride

There is a myth too large according to the word "Bride" when it comes to makeup

But it's pretty simple, people there is a bride who was never one a day, then I explain: The bride is a girl who has tastes, dreams, wishes and beliefs about the colors you like or dislike.

They saw how simple it is for the bride's makeup is nothing more than a makeup for a girl who is getting married, haha
In fact it is the traditional nude and prioritize the pearl, but all have their style and not on the wedding day that will change everything, but that there is respect for the taste and style of each one.

A well-crafted skin is essential, because the images are captured on to the eternity of the couple and family.


The color of shadow and lipstick every one has the right to choose the colors you like and combine more. Of course, the makeup artist is available to frame the bride the best possible way.

ESo, in my search color for the bride and maks the net, I made a small selection, of the vast world of colors.

They saw the softness of the images?
This is the idea of ​​a bride, a makeup clean, elegant, subtle and mostly romantic, marriage is ultimately a romantic date for the bride forever.
Great week!

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